Balli Balli: Reader Feedback

balli balli reader feedback

Balli Balli: Reader Feedback and Comments

I received some great feedback in my last Korean business culture update on balli balli. I especially appreciate the comments from those with long careers in Korea and globally. I paraphrase three comments below…

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Point 1
Pushing for progress too quickly can result in overlooking many important aspects, which may require more investment in terms of cost and time. While it is true that the fast-paced culture has contributed significantly to Korea’s economic growth, it has also left many side effects in terms of lacking basic concepts and skills.

Point 2
Once you learn it and see it in action all around, you can really gain an appreciation and understanding of 빨리빨리.

Point 3
And a well-taken argument.
Knowing that parameters will change encourages starting projects and the processes fast and then adapting vs. investing considerable time upfront.


Look for my next Korean Business Culture…
a post on an alternative to balli balli—mi ri mi ri—translated “prioritize in advance.”




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