Miri Miri: The Better Approach

Miri Miri: The Better Approach

Miri Miri: The Better Approach

By Don Southerton, May 14, 2023

In my last article, I suggested that balli ball(fast fast) can also perpetuate a culture of waiting until the last minute. Moving fast, too, can often be a concern–conflicting with careful, meticulous study and planning before implementation. 

However, in other cases, a well-taken argument in favor of balli balli can be knowing that parameters will change, encouraging starting projects and the processes fast and then adapting vs. investing considerable time upfront.

All said, I feel a better approach is miri miri… (Pronounced me re me re).

It can be translated as preparing ahead of time and in advance.  

                                                Examples of Miri Miri

1. Providing Options 

 A common Western approach is founded on considerable upfront research, discussion, and review in which a singular course of action can be recommended. 

In my miri miri approach, I suggest that within this discussion process, and short of the final recommendation is to prepare three options. This approach allows the team to consider the pros & cons of options, a requisite for decision-making. 

2. Provide Alternatives

I also recommend that, within the miri miri approach, is to look beyond a request’s narrow scope and provide “alternatives.” In many cases, teams are highly specialized and long-time, seasoned employees who can provide insights and expertise, good and bad, well beyond any specific data and reports as requested. 

With miri miri, I, too, think we should share some suggestions–preferably ones that are “out of the box.” 

3. Future trends    

Miri miri means staying ahead of trends and issues. 

It means to think “what if.” 

Bottom line

Miri miri can be seen as looking at things critically for any potential consequences before timely execution. 

 Source:  Credit for first sharing the concept of miri miri must be given to Yong-woo (William) Lee. He is currently the Global CEO for Innocean Worldwide, former CEO of Hyundai Motor America, and a longtime friend. 

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